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Hard Rock/Heavy Metal


HAMMER DOWN HARD was formed by renowned hard rock drummer singer/songwriter Lonnie Hammer (Jack Russell’s Great White, Every Mother’s Nightmare, Black Oak Arkansas) in the Fall of 2017. The brainchild of Hammer, with assistance from manager Kim Allegrezza (The Allegrezza Agency), HAMMER DOWN HARD hand-picked some of the finest musicians in the hard rock and heavy metal music scene to join the ranks. 

The debut album, Total Annihilation, presents all-star guest performances by members of SHINEDOWN, CANDLEBOX, SALIVA, GREAT WHITE, BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, TWELVE STONES, WINGER and SURRENDER THE FALL. Total Annihilation debuted at #3 as the Most Added record on the Metal Contraband Chart and remained in the Heavy Top 40 for eight weeks. HAMMER DOWN HARD was voted Rockwired Magazine's Artist of the Month for August 2018 by the fans only weeks after their debut.

Lonnie Hammer branched out into new territory both musically and lyrically with HAMMER DOWN HARD, pushing deep into new creative realms. With honest songs, top notch lyrics, powerful vocals and shear rock fury you can feel the energy as well as the incredible enthusiasm this formidable band brings to the music world. Not only do they rock a crowd, they rule, conquer and certainly get everyone to stand up and take notice. The band’s very first gig was July 11, 2018 at RockFest 2018 in Cadott, WI., playing the main stage that night. The lineup was Autograph, Skid Row and Ace Frehley. Not bad for a first gig!


Studio musicians-

Lonnie Hammer (Black Oak Arkansas, Every Mother's Nightmare, Jack Russell's Great White): Lead vocals and drums

Justin Rimer (12 Stones): Guitar and bass guitar

Zach Myers (Shinedown): Guitar: "Who I Am"

Donnie Wayne Smith (Winger): Guitar: "Total Annihilation" "Wakefield" "Fox On The Run" "Bloodshot Eyes" "Christine"

Wayne Swinny (Saliva): Guitar "Bloodshot Eyes" "Conquer and Divide"

Tony Cardenas Montana (Great White): Guitar "Fox On The Run"

Brian Quinn (Candlebox): Guitar: "Killing Time"

Lou Kavouras (Riot and 2018 Hall of Heavy Metal History Inductee): Guitar "Conquer And Divide"

Devon Hightower (Surrender The Fall): Bass guitar "Wakefield" "Bloodshot Eyes"


Live band includes-

Lonnie Hammer (Black Oak Arkansas, Every Mother's Nightmare, Jack Russell's Great White) Lead Vocals

Donnie Wayne Smith (Winger) Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Randal X Rawlings (Sebastian Bach band) Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Billy Little (Black Oak Arkansas) Bass

Chris Cook (Medieval Steal) Drums


For more information about HAMMER DOWN HARD, visit:

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